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The movie that predicted it all. Wondering what lurks inside the Wildlife Preserve in Arizona that is a “no go” zone for US Citizens? BORDER shows you what no one else can.

Change cannot come without debate. Chris Burgard's award winning documentary film BORDER takes an impartial look at the agonizing and complex issue of our southern U.S. border. This film goes a long way to fostering debate, discussion and, hopefully, a more balanced outlook towards a national problem that has polarized our nation.

As we face the demand for new taxes for increased social services, reformation of our healthcare system, an increasingly violent narco war with Mexican drug cartels, you need to see BORDER to understand how we got here. America is at a crossroads and has some serious problems to face and difficult decisions to make. These problems are fixable, but first we have to have the courage to honestly face and understand how we got here. BORDER takes the first step in this necessary process... you can make a difference!

Fence or Farce?

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